Railway Ticket Finance

Branded India introducing Super Exclusive Railway Ticket Finance for your hasslefree easily ticketing with Finance Option. Dont wait for TATKAL Ticket when Confirm E Ticket available on Finance Basis.
This Special unique Feature is beneficial for them who dont have Sufficient Amount For Ticket Booking. Branded India will issue only Confirm E Ticket As Per availability. All Ticket & Finance will be without any Documentation. All Financed Tickets Due Amount Should be Deposited Before 4 Days of Departure. In case of Failure In Due Amount All Financed Tickets will be Auto Cancelled By Software without any Refund.

Air Ticket Finance

Branded India Introducing Mega Exclusive Air Ticket Finance for your Dream Air Travel & easily ticketing with Air Ticket Finance. Air Ticketing are Dynamic Fare at increasing price Daily Time to Time . Dont wait to book air Ticket at increased Fare. If you Donthave sufficient amount for ticket booking Branded India will issue confirm Air E Ticket with Finance Option If Financed . You have to pay Partial Payment (Cancellation Charges)+ Finance Processing Fee at the time of booking. All Air E Ticket & Finance will be without any documentation. All Financed Tickets Due Amount Should be Deposited Before 4 Days of Departure. In case of Failure In Due Amount All Financed Tickets will be Auto Cancelled By Software without any Refund.

Nutracutical Finance

Branded india introducing First time in INDIA to give Nutracutical Finance . Our Consumer will be able to get Finance on Nutritional Products without Paying any Intrest.
Your wellness is our First Priority that is the main reason Branded India introduced First time in Wellness Industry. Our Consumer will able to get Finance on theirs Nutritional Products as per needs.PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE that is the main Fact of this unique finance System to provide best Nutracutical & Wellness Product easily to Our Respected Consumer.By this unique finance system you will able to full fill all wellness needs.
Today Nutritional/ wellness products prices are Going High Due to Huge Demand of wellness Products & Limited Supply of it.Normal People are getting Finincially weak at the time of purchase their Wellness needs. No any nutritional and wellness Company offering finance and no any other option to get nutrition for consumers on time there fore we introduced our this great Finance . PAY EMI FOR WELLNESS NOT FOR ILLNESS(Not as Mediclaim Insurance Policy).


(BRANDED INDIA OPTIMIZED TRAVEL INDUSTRY SERVICES IN EMERGENCY) If any one in outstation alone or with Family theylost their debit card/purse/wallet or victim of any theft or non humanity . they not having their Atm Card /Cheque & important Finincial instrument while travelling . what situation will front on victim?it is not easy to explain this type of bad situation any victim can explain if they faces similar as this type of problems in Past.
Please think if you might be in problem similar like this due to bad situation in outstation where no any your family/Friend/known person present and your Financial Equipments are not with you and you are far away from your Family/ Friend.

Branded India asking few Questions please ask answer from your heart.

    1. How you will feel financial Security during travel ?
    2. How you will go back to home without having money in hand?
    3. What step you will take fo go back to home?
    4. Who will help you in case of unexpected Financial Problem During travel?
    5. If you will ask for help to your Relatives/ Friends they agreed to help you and they want send money to you how you will collect money without having access in your Banking?
    6. If you are thinking about any local people will give their banking details to you for collecting money, Most of people are not interested to share theirs banking credentials to strengers this could not be possible its depends on your Luck or Possibility. Will you trust on possibility while travelling?
    7. Any politician/ Film Star will Help you? Any Guarantee?
    8. Any food services you can take without money in your hand in outstation?(we are requesting you please don’t take any Food, News Paper from strengers & co passanger this could be dangerous keep away from this type from them. )
    9. Who will trust you in outstation & who will help you without knowing you?
    10. Who will trust while you will far away from them?
    11. If any person will agree to help you so this will conditional or unconditional?
    12. Many of person also can make joke about you due to your situation they can not make joke any guarantee of it?

All of above 12 question any solution? Solution is BIOTISE (TRAVEL SECURITY)


Our mission is help to Respected our Users who travelling to outstation by giving travel security as Mutual Credit. We have categorized our Mutual Benefit in 7 types of Mutual Credit.your hassle free is our 1st Priority.

Our mission is or hassle free and safe travel if any problem with you in outstation Due to lost or stolen debit cards/cheques . Branded India will arrange Reserved Railway E Ticket for you up to Nearest Railway Station as per your Registered Address. You have to inform Branded India for Ticketing and Reservation on Mutual Credit Basis.you have to Return that amount to BIOTISE after reach your Home . as per our mutual credit advantage you will receive Train E Ticket and bill by BIOTISE.acroding to your bill you have to pay your credit Money which BIOTISE will invest for your travel emergency on behalf of you. You will have intrest free 15 Days to repay your Bill . in case of Failure in repayment 15 Days onwards will be charged 5% Monthly +1000/- flat Panelty.
If you need our this mutual credit advantage we will pay your hotel bill on behalf of you . you have to inform Branded India that which hotel you are staying . Our mutual credit Team will contact you in your hotel . After Legal Formalities your hotel bill be paid directly to your Hotel on behalf of your hotel bill .
Our Consumer will be on travel with Family or alone by this advantage you will be able to avail this facility in your stayed hotel and it will be applicable on your Food Bill Only.
BIOTISE will provide emergency cash in your hand . you can expense it on travel Emergency in outstation
BIOTISE will give fund for medicinal needs in outstation in travel Emergency. This is basically dedicated for purchase of medicin only. We will purchase Medicin for you as per Prescription of Doctor . No cash allowed in hand . only medicinal needs will be paid by us . doctor Consultation fee or medicin purchase amount will be directly Clinic or Medicin Outlet only.
This is ideal for outstation expenses like Bus,Taxi or any other Public / Private Transport
If you in outstation and suffering from travel emergency our consumers will be benefitted by this special mutual credit advantage . we will book Air E Ticket only on behalf of you up to your current Location to Nearest Airport as per your Registered Address.

No any company gave this opportunity as trip credit till now . Branded India Introducing First time in India Trip Credit Feature without credit/ debit card . you can enjoy your travel on credit basis. We will provide all credit as overdraft balance as per needs for your Travel. All overdraft Limit will be 50% of Earned Incentive. This Overdraft Limit will Be Available after successful 90 days in our Business.Security Cheque should be Required to avail this Facility.


No any company gave this opportunity as trip credit till now . Branded India Introducing First time in India Shopping Credit Feature without credit/ debit card for smart shopping/ Marketing. Branded India Unique in itself in india for shopping credit . Branded India S- Wallet will provide e shopping balance as mutual credit overdraft for hasslefree and secure shopping . All credit will be available after 90 days Successful Business in Branded India . to avail this credit facility required minimum 1000/- per month sales Incentive from Branded India. All shopping credit Limit will be 50 % Of total Earnings in last 90 days.In shopping of Healthcare /Wellness things Shopping Credit Limit will Be increased up to 75 % Of total Earnings in Last 90 Days. Shopping Credit Facility will be available after approval of Admin . Members Have to clear Previous shopping credit for Avail This facility Again

Sales Overdraft as Term credit

This is super unique facility first time in this industry . Branded India Introducing Overdraft Facility as term Credit. Our Sellers will be applicable to avail this unique Overdraft facility for Retail Our Products.We will Provide Overdraft on minimum Documentation and partial Deposit advance for products.this will also available after 90 days successful business with good transaction record. To avail this facility contact our customer care. This facility will be available after approval of Admin.
Refferal Marketing Opportunity with Profit Shareing Repurchase Plan.

100% Indian company
1. Digital Present online store for Digital Market
2. Cryptological Ewallet on Sales Profit Volume.
3. Self Payout- Our Respected Sellers can take payout by self in emergency up to 5000/- by IMPS Instant Money Transfer(Chargable).
4. Multi Segment Products  & Services- Branded india have Multiple sector Dedicated Products and services like Wellness, Grocery, Utilities , Tourism , Finance , Textile, FMCG & Many More .
5. Free look period
6. 30 days Free look time for products with 100 % full Money Back Guarantee.
7. Our Services and utility Services are Free Of Cost . and we are not taking any membership and we are not giving any incentive for selling our services and utility as per Government Guidelines.